From Useless Sand to Foreign land

Skribent: Hans Olsson
Genre: Om utvandring

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Her maiden name was Ingar Nilsdotter Tufvasson and she was born at Brantevik in 1807, the child of Nils and Elna Tufvasson.  When she as a girl strolled in the useless sand among newly tarred boats, she was surely unaware of the fact that her name would one day be written in the history of American pioneers.
She was quite an ordinary girl from Brantevik, with a     great wanderlust and curiosity, which had been formed by the new settlers decision to move from Gislöf  to Brantevik.   She soon travelled all the way to America alone with her seven children to join her husband Pehr Dahlberg from Kivik.
The girl from Brantevik, together with the boy from Kivik, brought new blood and a lot of willing hands into the powerfully growing American society.
If anything, they were proof of the pioneer spirit that was founded in and ensued from the old village at Österlen, where the useless sand lit up the future as gold.

Presentation av  Hans Olsson