Whirled Water Positively Affecting the Life Process – e-bok

Skribent: Leif B Frid
Genre: Homeopati
ISBN: 978-91-981640-4-6
Pris: 75 kronor
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About the book
We can feel if we are exposed to too much sun, we will get sunburned … Maybe we also get burned by the earth’s radiation if we spend several hours a day in the same radiation field?

The brain’s most important task is to take care of the body and maintain health, says Bertil, not to think, as many people would probably imagine. Our thought are electric energy and that’s is energy that’s keeps us alive.

The electromagnetic fields that exist at frequencies beyond our sensory perception, beyond sight or sound, have increased fifty fold in thirty years …
Had the sun’s radiant heat increased that much, we would find ourselves in a temperature of 1.000 degrees Celsius.
Bertil Pettersson

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